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We offer high quality hanger for three polishing machines. Designed for maximum performance and flexibility. For years, auto detailing specialists have struggled with various storage options, as well as important equipment. Most of the inventions are impractical and simply ugly. Thanks to us these days are over!

Our hanger can safely hold three polishing machines, skilfully hiding its cable in a special storage compartment. Made of high quality durable steel, precisely cut and bent, and finally powder coated, both inside and outside, to provide additional protection against oxidation.


- Easily adapt to a variety of Dual Action, rotary and pneumatic machines
- It holds up to three polishing machines
- Robust and corrosion-resistant finishing material
- Rubber gaskets in the machine holding area
- Additional cable storage


Length: 55,5 cm

Width from the wall: 8 cm

Height: 60 cm