PokaPremium - Veggfesting fyrir mössunarpúða (4-6.5")

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PokaPremium WPP_50

Þetta er hin flotta "Pad feeder" hirslan frá PokaPremium sem er fyrir stóra mössunarpúða í allt að 165cm stærð. Komdu skipulagi á púðana hjá þér!

Frábært fyrir púða í 4" - 6.5" stærð

Útskorið pólýhúðað stál.


A convenient and functional feeder for storing small polishing pads. A specially designed gutter at the bottom of the feeder allows for convenient removal of pads. The inner surface with a diameter of 17 cm will accommodate pads with a diameter of 165mm. Mounting elements placed in the upper and lower part of the feeder guarantee stability during the use of the feeder. The wide space between the walls of the feeder allows you to take out pads from anywhere. The feeder will hold about 15 polishing pads.

Made of high quality, durable steel. Precisely cut and bent, finally covered with a powder finish to provide an additional protective layer against oxidation.


The feeder fits 165mm pads