Rupes Rotary Skurðpúði/Cutting púði 7"

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7" / 175mm grófur skurðpúði (cutting) frá Rupes, sérætlaður til að ná fullum skurð með rotary vél.


The Coarse Foam Polishing Pads for Rotary provide high performance and aggressive removal of severe defects and sanding marks on painted surfaces, thanks to the open-cell technology that provides rotational stability and reduces heat build-up caused by rotary motion. The blue foam pads for rotary are designed to work with the BigFoot LH19E rotary polisher.

These new pads have a completely new foam formulation, which is specifically optimized for rotary application. Open cell foam materials were chosen to minimize excessive heat, while the pad profile helps prevent accidental contact between the backing plate and the working surface.