CarPro CoolWool mössunarpúði 5"

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The CarPro Cool Wool Polishing Pad is a detailer’s dream come true! When used with a rotary or dual action polisher, the Cool Wool Polishing Pad eliminates defects in a hurry without scouring or hazing the finish; this state-of-the-art design provides an exceptional amount of cut while creating a finish that used to be reserved for foam pads.

The CarPro Cool Wool Polishing Pad is optimized for both dual action and rotary polishers. The 3/16” nap is short and dense so you can maximize the cutting ability of your dual action polisher. This short nap also benefits rotary polishers because it prevents buffer hop. Use the CarPro Cool Wool Polishing Pad with your favorite polish or compound to eliminate all types of paint defects including swirls, water spots, oxidation, sanding marks and more!

The secret to the CarPro Cool Wool Polishing Pad lies within the imported New Zealand wool and breathable nylon gel lattice cooling interface sandwiched between the backing material and the face of the pad. This unique cooling interface keeps the pad running cool, even during extended polishing sessions. The New Zealand wool is of the highest quality so it will outlast a conventional foam or wool pad.