AutoFinesse Revitalise Nr:3 Finishing massi 500ml

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The infamous Revitalise range has been revamped, now featuring a new and improved blend of ingredients and advanced abrasives for a more consistent finish. It offers a much faster and overall cleaner working experience, and is an altogether nicer product to work with.


First, shake well before use to ensure all ingredients are well mixed before application. Ensure that you’re working in ambient conditions; out of direct sunlight and a generally cool surface area. Use product in conjunction with the accompanying pad type (Revitalise Pad No:3). Prime the pad with Auto Finesse® Pad Prime and apply 2-4 small drops (around pea size) of polish to the pad. Working on a clean, dry and free-from-contamination area of around 18inch x 18inch at a time, start at speed 2 and work up to speed 4 before going back over for a final pass on speed 2. Apply moderate pressure and work in overlapping passes. Fully work the product beneath the pad until hazing fades to clear. Following the completion of each individual panel, switch off the polisher wipe any excess residue off immediately using a clean microfiber cloth.