AutoFinesse Imperial Felgusápa 1L

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Please note: This product is concentrated and will need diluting.

The Auto Finesse® Imperial acid-free wheel cleaner contains a powerful blend of cleaning agents and degreasers to separate the brake dust and road dirt from the wheels on contact. Its high-foaming formula makes light work of a heavy task and will take your rims from shameful to sparkling in a matter of minutes.

Its highly concentrated formula is economical, safe to use on all modern coated wheel finishes, and is gentle enough that it can even be used for cleaning tyres.


Alongside Imperial, you'll need two types of brushes; a dedicated wheel brush for the barrels of the wheels and a smaller ‘detailing brush’ for the faces and wheel nuts, a separate bucket to rinse out your brushes and a Microfibre Drying Towel to dry. Use a pressure washer to remove any loose contamination before spraying each individual wheel liberally with Imperial and allow to dwell. Start with the wheel brush, cleaning in between the spokes, and reaching into the barrel of the wheel to break loose as much of the brake dust as possible. Then use the detail brush to clean the face and lips of the wheels, as well as around the wheel nuts. Also, take this opportunity to thoroughly scrub the tyres, removing the old dressing in preparation for a new coat. Afterwards, you can rinse or pressure wash off the remaining brake dust and cleaner residue before drying off using the microfibre.

If iron or tar-based fallout is still present after cleaning with Imperial wheel cleaner, try the Auto Finesse® Iron Out and/or Auto Finesse ObliTARate.

Imperial is safe to use on all painted, clearcoated, and powdercoated alloy wheel finishes. Chrome, bare polished aluminium, or anodized finishes should be treated with extreme caution. These types of wheel finishes are most common on aftermarket wheels, and should be cleaned with a mild exterior all-purpose-cleaner like Auto-Finesse® Citrus Power.

Do not apply Auto Finesse® Imperial wheel cleaner if the wheels are warm, in direct sunlight, or the ambient temperature is below 0-degrees Celsius.

Please note: This product is concentrated and will need diluting. The ready-to-use version is pre-diluted to 10:1, which is the ratio we recommend for normal wheel and tyre cleaning duties. However, for heavier cleaning duties on badly neglected wheels, the concentrate can be mixed at a dilution ratio as strong as 2:1. It can also be mixed at up to a 20:1 dilution for light wheel cleaning on well-maintained cars, making it even more economical to use. A 1-litre bottle of concentrate can easily be used to make 10 or more litres of useable wheel cleaner.