AutoFinesse Caramics Gloss Enhancer Bón 500ml

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Auto Finesse® Caramics Gloss Enhancer is the quick and easy way to leave behind a slick, shiny and protected finish, with nothing more than a spritz and a wipe.

Just like our Caramics Paint Protection Kit, Caramics Gloss Enhancer is designed to be extremely user friendly, offering a professional finish without the need for advanced training in ceramic coating technology.  

Simply apply the highly concentrated solution to a fresh, clean car on every maintenance wash, to instantly add an extra layer of Si02 ceramic protection with advanced water beading capabilities.   

Caramics Gloss Enhancer can also be used as a handy quick detailer to eliminate watermarks, fingerprints and light soiling. 

A quick and effective hydrophobic top up for all ceramic coated paint surfaces, and an essential for keeping your car looking amazing for longer.