AutoFinesse Revitalise Nr.1 - Skurðmassi 500ml

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Skurðmassi sem notaður er í fyrsta skrefi lakkleiðréttingar til að ná úr dýpri rispum og göllum. Mælt með að nota með grófum púða fyrir enn hraðari og dýpri skurð.

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Our famous Revitalise range has just got better! It’s been re-engineered to a whole new level of abrasive capability, cutting deeper with a more refined and consistent finish. It removes deep swirl marks and restores tired paint that has been plagued by oxidisation, while offering a much faster and overall cleaner working experience. 

Revitalise No:1 has been developed for use with a dual action or orbital machine polisher and is the first step in the Revitalise process to a fine-cut finish to paintwork.


Shake the product well before use to allow ingredients to mix well. Making sure you’re well out of direct sunlight and working on a cool surface that is clean, dry and free of contaminants, prep the orange Revitalise Pad No:1 with Auto Finesse® Pad Prime and apply two pea sized drops to the pad. Set the polisher to speed setting 2 and work across an area of paintwork around 18inch x 18inch. Apply moderate pressure and work in overlapping passes. Work up to speed 4 and then back down to 2 for a final pass until the product turns clear. Once you’ve finished one panel, switch off the polisher and buff off the panel with a clean microfibre for any excess reside.